Building Automotive Dealer Loyalty

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Bring Your Customers Back to the Service Drive!

FACT: A buyer purchasing a pre-owned vehicle will return to the dealership where they made the purchase for maintenance service 18% of the time.

FACT: With Fidelis PPM, powered by DRIV, car dealerships have seen 60-70% of buyers return for maintenance service.

Fidelis PPM, powered by DRIV, is an industry-leading provider of dealership loyalty and retention software—software that allows your dealership to build and price your own prepaid maintenance program.

With Fidelis PPM, the management of your prepaid maintenance program is easy—and the results are measurable. An agent will be assigned to your dealership; he or she will walk you through each and every step of the program customization process.

Fidelis PPM provides dealer-branded marketing materials and a web interface, integrated with your DMS, to make the addition of your PPM program streamlined and consistent with your dealership’s existing branding.

Still not sure a PPM program will work for your dealership? Fidelis PPM provides you with advanced analytics that allows you to easily generate reports and track your PPM program’s ROI.

Beyond the increased revenue from your service department, our automotive loyalty and retention strategy increases the likelihood that a customer will return for their next vehicle purchase. According to the latest study, 86% of car buyers will return to the dealership where they receive regular maintenance service for their next purchase.

Don’t miss out on the technology that brings your customers back to the service drive!